dare to challenge

Life itself consists of a series of challenges, whether large or small. When faced with these challenges, we should knock them back with the attitude that “you cannot change what you refuse to confront.” Thomas Edison is a good case in point to

(i) learned how to face the difficulties, and how to challenge them.求采纳么么哒

nerve [nE:v] n. 神经, 胆量, 勇气, 叶脉 vt. 鼓起勇气 nerve [n\:v] n. 神经 勇气;魄力;胆量 a man of nerve 勇敢的人;有勇气的人 厚颜; 鲁莽;冒失 叶脉;翅脉 (pl) 神经质;神经过敏 She gets nerves before every examination. 每次考试前

The Three Little Pigs Once upon a time there were three little pigs who went out into the worle to seek theri fortune.The first little pig set off through the fields.There he met a man carrying a bundle of straw."Please, man,"said the little pig,"will you

你好!I am a positive, optimistic, outgoing, extroverted,And Brave Accepted Challenge People我是一个积极,乐观,外向,并且勇于接受挑战的人希望能帮上你希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

翻译:i'm kind and keen and i have a high sense of team work spirit. also, i dare to challenge new things.

不畏艰难,敢于挑战,敢于拼搏的精神the spirit of dauntless,aggressive,valiant

I am courageous and willing to challange. 我勇于并乐于挑战. be willing to 乐意做某事

英语是:In the face of difficulties, we should challenge ourselves.句子解释:face 英[fes] 美[fes] n. 脸; 表面; 面容; 方面; vt. 面对; 面向…; 正视; 承认; vt. (感到不能) 对付; (明知不好办而) 交谈; 必须对付(某情况); 面临…;

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