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用do you造句并回答

do you have a bag?do you go to school?do you take lunch?

Do you often play football? Yes,I do. Do you often play tennis? No,i don't. Do you often play the piano? No,i don't.

Do you like me?Yes,I do

When do you go to school in the morning? At 8:30. 你早晨几点上学?八点半.

1.what did you do last sunday?i stayed at home and did some revision.2.what did you do yesterday afternoon?i went to the library.3.what did you do when you were in america?i visited the disney land.4.what did you do this morning?i read the

Do you mind terribly if I went on my way?Yes,I do./No,I don't.

do you like ?meet

When do you go to bed? I go to bed at 9:00. 湖 州 精 锐 教 育为您解答

1.Do you want to have lunch with me?Yes,I do./No,I don't.Does he look handsome?Yes,he does./No,he doesn't. 2.Do you like bananas?3.Do you like spring?4.Do you like him?5.Do you like apple?6.Do you like eating?7.Do you like

do you have a book?你有一本书吗?do you have any sweets?你有糖果吗?请采纳

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