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go on doing 继续做某事;不停地做某事同义词:continue to do , keep on doingAfter a short break, I go on doing my homework.在短暂的休息后,我继续做作业.

We go shopping every Friday night.I want to travel because I enjoy meeting people and seeing new places.Tom loves skiing.

1. What are you doing now? 你现在在干什么?2. He has been doing this sort of work for years.他干这一行有年头了.3. So what should we be doing? 那么,我们应该做什么?4. What do you like doing? 你喜欢什么样的活动?5. Well, are you doing anything for them? 那么,你为他们做了什么呢?

Tom used to go shopping in the supermarket 谢谢采纳

1.She went on writing the article for three hours. 2.The man goes on reading English for an hour every day. 3.The woman goes on singing some songs in the next room. 1.The girl has kept on doing her homework for an hour. 2.The boy had kept on

go on to do是做完一件事,继续做另外一件事After finishing homework, I go on to play football. 做完作业后,我继续踢足球. go on doing 是继续做同一件事After a short time rest, we go on to attend English class. 短暂休息后,我们继续上英语课.

He is going to London next week.We are going to the park this Sunday.They are going shopping, aren't they?I'm sure about the answer.Jane is reliable, we are sure about her.She will finish the work on time. We are sure about her.

He says nothing but just go on working

Please keep in mind that you must go on doing your homework until you finish it! 请记住你必须继续做你的家庭作业直到你完成它为止!~

I will go on study.我将会继续学习.

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