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1、I love looking after the children.我喜欢照顾孩子们.2、Look after your ears!要爱护你的耳朵!3、 I can look after myself very well. 我可以把自己照顾好的.

look after I love looking after the children.我喜欢照顾孩子们.Myjobis to look afterthesepatients. 我的工作就是照顾好这些病人.Theyhad tousetheirowninitiativerather than relying on the government to look after them.他们必须调用他们自己的主动性,而不是依靠政府去照顾他们.

I always look after my mother instead of making her tired 我经常照顾我妈妈,为了不让她累

Look after yourself.请你自己照顾自己.Look after your ears!要爱护你的耳朵!Look after yourself, bye!自己当心点.再见!

have a good look at 好好看看…… look around 四下张望 look ahead 向前看 look back 回头看、回顾 look right/left 向右看/左看 look well 看起来健康 look ill 看上去有病 in good looks 气色好 look down on(upon) 看不起、经视 look over 检查 look like 看起来像 look out 向外望、当心 look up 向上看、查(字典) look down 往下看 look up and down 上下打量 look into 往里看 look for 寻找 look after 照看、照顾

look after:He only looks after his own interests.他只顾自己的利益.since 2 years ago I have worked here since 2 years ago.自从2年前我就在这工作.thousands of There are thousands of tourists and visitors.这里有数千的游客和观光客. China has thousands of islands, the largest of which is Taiwan.中国有数千个岛屿,其中最大的是台湾岛.祝您学习进步,更上一层楼!!!(⊙o⊙)

我想要照顾我的奶奶 I want to look after my grandmother 汤姆照顾她的小猫 Tom looked after her kitten 汤姆照顾她的小猫 Tom looked after his kitten

look after1.照顾;照料;照看;关心:i will look after her child when she is on a business trip.她出差时我将照看她的孩子.2.目送;从后面盯着;眼睛盯着:they looked after the train as it moved out.他们目送火车开出车站.3.关注;为…操心:he only looks after his own interests.他只顾自己的利益.

I will look after you when you are ill.你生病时,我照顾你.I am looking after his business when he is away. 当他不在时,我帮他打点业务.

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