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They're gonna get through this. 他们会和好的. Did you get through your examination? 你通过考试了吗? How did you get through this? 你是怎么过来的?(度过难关,摆脱困扰等) I think you will get through. 我想你是能通过的. Can I get

Though he is rich, his life is not happy.他虽然很有钱,但生活并不幸福.It was a hard job, he took it though. 这是份苦差事,可他还是接受了.Though it was raining,we went there. 虽然下着雨,但我们还是去了那儿.Though it was barely four o'

He carefully piloted the boat through. 他小心翼翼地将船引过(海峡) He piloted us through the large factory. 他领我们参观了这个大工厂. He piloted the car adroitly through the traffic. 他熟练地驾车穿过来往的车辆. A wood cutter piloted our

muddle through英 [mdl θru:]美 [mdl: θru]勉强应付过去; 胡乱应付过去双语例句更多资料1. We will muddle through and just play it day by day. 我们会应付过关的,就一天一天地演吧.来自柯林斯例句2. I'll muddle through somehow. 我会设

你好,很高兴为您解答\(^o^)/~祝你学业有成 go through 通过;穿过;透过:The rain has gone through my overcoat.雨水淋透了我的外衣.审查,检查;讨论:We shall go through these papers together.我们将在一起审阅这些论文.翻找;搜寻

break throughv.突围, 突破break through突围,突破to break through带球过人break through all restraint冲破一切束缚break through the law违法break through the enemy lines突破敌人的防线

Go through with something means to continue to do something till the end. 将某事继续干下去,直到结束

carry sb through:使…渡过难关 Carry sb./sth. through帮助完成某事 The seventh part, under the guide of this strategy, we carry out the sub-strategies for the SB"s production, marketing, human resource, research, and finance through the balance

and flow through me 和我融合在一起;然后将我融合;完全包容了我例句筛选1.it is when you accept me in your hearts that my energy can flow intoyou and out through you here on earth.只有当你们在心中接受我时,我的能量才能在地球上流进和流出你.2.take me in your arms and flow through me .你将我拥入怀中完全包容了我.

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