Dear wangfang I would like to tell you something about my family to buy a car.My father syggested that we should buy a car.He thought that drving car was convenient when we gone on a trip and bought something .But my mother opposed to this idea.

Dear Robert, I'm glad to receive your letter. Now I will tell you something about my plan for summer vacation after the final exam. Firstly, I will learn to drive. I think driving can be useful.

Dear friends: I'm xxx . I'm very happy to make friends with you , I always think you are a very brave girl(boy) . You always smile , your smile let I was moved . For I have a friend like you and feel a sense of pride , at the same time I also know that your

如何写英文电子邮件 一、文法上 1、切忌主客不分或模糊 例子: Deciding to rescind the earlier estimate, our report was updated to include $40,000 for new equipment.” 应改为:Deciding to rescind our earlier estimate, we have updated our

dear my friend, i am so happy that i heared you were learning chinese. learning chinese is very easy and important. first, you must believe yourself that you can learn it well. next, read many artcles, newspapers, books and much information about

dear teacher i am very glad to make friends with you my name isxxx i like your lessons and i can follow you but i am not good at words grammer and writing could you help me ? i found it really hard to learn english 大小写 自己修改 绝对原创 求最佳

Dear Mike I'm glad to tell you that i will have a long holiday this winter , And i want to share my plans with you ,The following is my arrangement As you know ,the Spring Festival is coming So i will spend some days staying wite my family we will have

Thank you very much for your purchase of this book. It has already been delivered and is expected to arrive in a week. It is appreciated that you leave your feedbacks online after receiveing it. It is very kind of you to reccomand us to your friends if you

英语作文-询问天气的电子邮件.deal weather broadcasting,we are going to a remote counting to explore the local geographical environment. there won't be convenient to look for the weather conditions everyday like in the urban areas. therefore if

Hello! Sun Hong! My name is Li Ming. Firstly, I'm very glad to meet you. I'm 16 years old and I've no fixed hobbies, either is OK to me. I really wanna make friend with you. Let's talk further, shall we? Li ming

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