表示兴奋地跳来跳去的英文短语有:Jump around excitedly Jump about excitedly Excited to jump bounced up and down excitedly bouncing up and down in excitement表示兴奋的单词有:excitement 兴奋;刺激;令人兴奋的事物;agitation 激动;搅动;煽动;烦乱;stimulation 刺激;激励,鼓舞;表示跳的单词有:jump leap skip bounce

兴奋地 [词典] excitedly; agitato; feverishly; [例句]那只狗笨拙地站起来,兴奋地舔着那个男人的手.The dog rose awkwardly to his feet and licked the man's hand excitedly.

人很兴奋用excited.如是形容事物用exciting,令人兴奋的,be excited 兴奋的

兴奋地agitato; excitedly; feverishly ;

excited 读音:英 [ksatd] 美 [ksatd] adj.激发的;兴奋的,激动的;活跃的;受刺激的 v.使兴奋( excite的过去式和过去分词) 例句:1、We were all


1.excited [k'satd] adj. 兴奋的, 激动的;喜悦的, 快乐的 2. thrilled [θrld] adj. 非常兴奋的,极为激动的 望采纳~

兴奋拼音:[xīng fèn]释义:excited,excitement,agitation,stimulation,sweep off one's foot短语:兴奋 Excited;Excitement;Talkex极度兴奋 be beside oneself;fever pitch;orgasm兴奋极了 fired up

excitedly英 [k'satdl] 美 [ksatdl] adv.兴奋地,激动地;勃然双语例句:The dog yelped excitedly when his master opened a desk drawer and produced his leash. 主人打开抽屉拿出牵狗用的皮带时,狗兴奋地叫了起来.The dog rose awkwardly to his feet and licked the man's hand excitedly. 那只狗笨拙地站起来,兴奋地舔着那个男人的手.

Jump up and down excitedly 兴奋地跳上跳下 词汇解析:1、Jump up 英文发音:[dmp p] 中文释义:跳起来;跳起 例句:He continued to jump up and down like a

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