Asking a Friend to the Concert Saturday morning Dear Al,May I have the pleasure of taking you to the concert this evening? The music promises to be good, as two famous violinists are coming to take part in the performance.If it is convenient for you to go, I shall call at 8 p. m.. I`m waiting for your reply.Zhang Ming

亲爱的***(你邀请人的名字): 你好!我家因什么什么原因举行******活动(或别的什么原因),特邀请你参与此活动,你能否来……(写你想让她干什么)(如何写自己琢磨,根据与他客气与否来确定用什么语气).望请光临. 此致. ***(你的名字) X年X月X日

I have been to a makes me extremely memorable in xinghai concert hall concert,the concert playing like inspiration,all comers will feel not make trip.2.That evening,my mom and dad cheerfully to appreciate an xinghai concert hall by the China

两人交流、差不多可以说上五分钟左右 匿名 分享到微博 提交回答 外语学习 相关知识 教育培训 教育考试 答: key wordintercommunicating abilityintercommunicationpractice 详情>> 答: 新增加的口语交

Dear Daming can Next sunday is my birthday.i`m happy to inviet you to come to my birthday party.Would you like to come to my party?i miss you a lot,we will have a lot of games on my party,also we will eat a lot,such as birthday cake,beef and so on.i

邀请去音乐会concert invitation(中文直译)would you like to see a concert with me?(邀请朋友时说的话,如果比较要好的朋友的话可以把would you like to改成wanna)邀请你去打篮球inviting you to play basketball.(中文直译)wanna come

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dear jim thank you for your inviting.i am sorry ,i can't listen to music with you .this week i am very busy.on monday,i am going to see the dentist,because i have a toothache .

_最快乐的圣诞假期 1约上几个朋友到半夜出动 2一起吃圣诞大餐,没有找到太多的地方的人就不必听 3新年音乐会的位置,可垦还可以在一个人 4菜,以显示正确的方法做独立的家庭气氛热烈,没有父母的麻烦 5看到各种精彩的节目电视转播的家

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