“处理” 英语短语:deal with deal with介绍 音标:英 [di:l wi] 美 [dil w] 释义:应付; 对待;惠顾; 与…交易 相关短语:1、deal honestly with competitors 诚实地对待竞争者2、deal squarely with customers 真诚地对待顾客3、deal seriously

1)start to do sth./ start doing sth. 后者不能用于进行时或思考类的动词如realize, understand等;2)begin to do sth./ begin doing sth.,同上,但begin稍微正式些;3)set about doing sth. 着手去做某事(困难的事)4)set to do sth.(下定决心开始)做某事 还有很多,语意都不太一样.

你好!set about doing set out to do仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

set about dealing with the problem.或者set out to deal with the problem. 求采纳,谢谢

要处理 :to deal with , to handle , to process , to treat

开始 [kāi shǐ] 基本翻译 begin beginning start initial 着手 [zhuó shǒu] 基本翻译 commence

do with 常和what连用 deal with 常和how连用

负责:in charge of 处理:deal with

start to do begin to dosettle down to doing set out to do set about doing get down to doing

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