24 hour頁兆簡,燕幣24弌扮唔匍24 hours頁楚簡,燕幣24倖弌扮

If I had only 24 hours to live What would I do What would I do If I had only 24 hours to breathe What would I say What would I say It's easy to lose track It's tempting to look back Fill our hearts with regret For all we couldn't do For all we should have done


1. 24hours time release議根吶:24弌扮議扮寂瞥慧.辛參功象醤悶議秤尚肇尖盾,泌壓勞瞳議傍苧慕貧中議三祥辛參傍頁隠隔24弌扮議孔嬬瞥慧.2. release 哂[rli:s]胆[r'li:s]vt. 瞥慧; 窟下; 窟佩; 慧蝕;n. 瞥慧,電慧,盾茅; 瞥慧綜; 巷啌議仟唹頭,窟下議仟療[連];[箭鞘]But you must release my wife!徽頁低断駅倬慧阻厘曇徨!

梧爆兆:24HOURS梧返:12012廨辞:diamond12012 - 24HOURS恬簡:幸恬爆:幸仝握せない々仝握してるの々仝握せない々仝握してるの々仝握せない々仝鏑ってるの?々仝鏑ってない々仝鏑ってるの?々仝鏑ってない々仝鏑って

24 hours time

the whole day at home 鍬咎葎 匯屁爺脅壓社 燕器吭房猴厘嶬敲燃眉僥伏 音峡辛參弖諒

匯違議鴻御才兎徨脅亟:Open 24/7 (響:open twenty-four-seven) 祥頁24弌扮匯爺 匯倖佛豚7爺脅蝕議吭房.厘廖壓胆忽,侭參辛參鯆祓Vふ盡恷械喘議笥囂傍隈.

工歌深I Will be on call 24 Hours泌惚頁垢恬圭中議三岷咎頁厘繍氏24弌扮昨凋.吭房頁厘氏昧勧昧欺/厘昧扮脅嬬校戻工捲暦(貧萎,烏欺) 泌惚頁涛嗔圭中議辛參尖盾葎昧扮脅辛參孀厘.

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