Hello everyone,(大家好)My name is XXX.(我叫XXX)I am ten years old.(我10岁了)I am from Shen Zhen Nankai school. (我是深圳南开学校的)I am in class 3 grade 4.(我是4年级3班的)I like reading,dancing and painting in my spare time.(我喜欢在我的课余时间看书,跳舞和画画)

hi!everyone!my name is xx,i come from china.i'm a student at the school .i like playing basketball and playing computer game .oh ,i like p.e very much .nice to meet you! 大家好!我的名字是xx,我来自中国,我是一个在校小学生,我喜欢打篮球和玩电脑游戏.噢,我非常喜欢体育.很高兴见到你们!

Hello,everyone.My name is ***(你的名字),I'm *(你的年纪) years old.I study in ***(你的学校名) Primary School.I'm in Grade*(你的年级) Class*(你的班级). I'm going to be a junior high school student, i feel very happy. I like football and

To introduce myself(介绍我自己) Hello,every one!(大家好) My name is **** . (我叫****) I'm a 15 years old boy. (我是一个15岁 的男孩)(具体情况自己改) I live in the beautiful city of Rizha

good morning/afternoon, my dear teachers,my dear classmates.my name is ***.i'm from the ** school.i am very glad to be here for your interview. i like studying very much.by the way, i like english very much! i think english songs can help me improve

你可以根据这个框架来说,希望能帮到你啊! To Introduce Myself(自我介绍) I'm 13 years old and I live in the city of Zhaoqing. I study very well. I have a sister.Everyone loves us.But they often compare my brother with me.This makes me angry.I

Hello,everyone! I want to make friends with you. How about you?First,let me introduce myself to you: I have two names. One of them is my Chinese name,the other is my English name. My Chinese name is Liu Yang. My English name is Helen. I'm

good morning! My name is -,I am ---years old . In my spear time, I like reading books very much . I also like sports . I am good at ---,I often riding bike .It is good for my health.I like math ,science ,physics and chemistry .I am a hard-working student . I

l am glad to stand here to introduce myself to you! My name is…l am graduate from…my hobbies are reading…

My name is .I am .years old .I am metres tall.Now I am studying at .school.I am a student in the class 1 grade 5.I like playing basketball .And I am a member of the basketball club.I am very happy that we can be good friends.

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