I go to the countryside with my family(我和我的家人去乡村)



你好,同学,很高兴回答你的问题正确答案:countryside[英][kntrisad] [美][kntrisad] n.乡村;郊野;乡下的全体居民 复数:countrysides N-UNCOUNT乡村;农村The countryside is land which is away from towns and cities. I've

in the countryside 在乡村I live in the countryside我住在乡村human being 人Human being should treat other animal well人类应该善待其他动物die out 灭绝Many animals die

There are many flowers in the countryside.there are many famers in the countryside.there are many rice fields in the contryside there are many streams in the rural there are

读法:康吹赛的 countryside 英[kntrisad] 美[kntrisad] n. 乡村; 郊野; 乡下的全体居民; [网络] 乡下,农村; 田园; 乡下; [例句]Around the lake the countryside generally is nothing special.湖四周的乡村总的来说没有什么特别的.[其他] 复数:countrysides 形近词: countryseat

If the weather is good,I will go to the countryside.


Today I want to go shopping with my classmates. I will take a photo on the Greatwall. you don't have to wash the clothes today. My grandfather lives in the countryside now.

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