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cover with cover by

conver:with 是表示主动的 by 是表示被动的

你的问题要调整一下,应该是be covered with/by的区别.1. be covered by : 由承担/负担/支付;被掩护/报道/监视/控制等等,表示抽象的概念, 后面接人, 机构, 或者组织.These expenses are covered by the state.这些费用都由国家负担.All road out of town has been covered by the police .所有出城的道路都被警察监视.2. be covered with : 被覆盖,表示具体的覆盖.如被雪/草地/布/被子/盖子/罩子等东西盖住.

1.“cover with”一般都用于被动语态,而“cover in”注重于事物的状态.2.“cover with”释义:用…遮盖住,用…填满; 被(感情)所压倒; 配上;“cover in”释义:以…覆盖[包裹];“cover in”双语例句1.The check came under cover in

你好这里是伴随状态,就是说伴随着绿树红花的覆盖,用V-ing形式 即coveringcover with用法:这是一个词组,后面直接接名词代词等,A cover with B即:A上覆盖着B辛勤解答望采纳!

有cover by 被…覆盖, 被…报道【例句】The tabel is covered by a talbecloth. The story is covered by reporters all around the world.

cover by 被覆盖, 被报道The tabel is covered by a talbecloth.The story is covered by reporters all around the world.

fill with用…充满,装满,用某物装满空间,比如说水装满杯子,空气充满房间等等; cover with用…覆盖,遮盖,比如说用布盖在箱子表面上,也可指抽象意义,知识或新闻覆盖面…;dotted with散布,点缀 spread with(谣言)蔓延

be covered with 强调状态 be covered by强调动作

用…覆盖 翻译cover…____… 答案:with 相关词组:be covered with 被覆盖

be covered by/with的区别: 这两个短语的主要区别在于be covered with 中covered 有形容词的感觉,是一种状态.而be covered by 更有一种动作的感觉. 在某些句子中他们的意思相近,比如可以说: The field is covered with snow. The field is

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