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commit to memory 用法

没什么特别的用法 commit to sth./to doing sth.承诺,保证 eg: The President is commited to reforming health care.总统承诺要改革卫生保健制度. Both sides commited themselves to settle the dispute peacefully.双方承诺和平解决争端.commit sb.

把…送交, 托付给… The boy was committed to the care of his aunt.这个孩子被交给他的姑妈照顾.对…作出承诺, 承担义务, 担负责任; 使(自己)致力于… He has committed himself to the cause of education.他已决心献身教育事业.把…固定在, 保留在…之上〔之中〕 The actor committed the part to memory.那个演员把角色牢牢记住.

commit[kE5mit]vt.犯(错误), 干(坏事), 把交托给, 提交, 答应负责commitcom.mitAHD:[k…-mt“] D.J.[k*6mit]K.K.[k*6m!t]v.(动词)com.mit.ted, com.mit.ting, com.mitsv.tr.(及物动词)To do, perform, or perpetrate:犯:作、实行或

commit to memory 英[kmit tu: memri] 美[kmt tu mmri] 把(某)事记住;熟记;识

commit 这个动词属表示瞬时动作的第四类,意义比较复杂微妙,中文很难找到与之一对一的对称.总的来说,它包含有“使承担义务”或“使遭到某一重大行动的影响”的概括意义,但是派生出很多复杂的具体释义. (1)作为及物动词,比较

commit 1. 提交 建立一个分支来试试新点子提交commit 个几次然后切回你原本的分支加上一个patch 然后 2. 委托 commit vt犯错误委托 companion n伙伴同伴 compete vi比赛对抗 competition n比赛竞争 3. 付与 commit 委托付与作犯 compact 简

I'm so so so sorry i can't help you!Please commit these terms to memory. They are determined to act out their ideal. They are determined to act out their ideal. 百度词典点一下好多啊

commit vt.犯(错误),干(坏事),把…交托给,提交,答应负责 commit oneself (on)表达个人的意见 commit to memory记住;牢记 commit an error做错事 commit a crime犯罪 commit suicide自杀 commit ones soul to God将自己的灵魂托与上

v. 学习,获悉,记住,了解词形变化: 形容词:learnable 名词:learner 动词过去式:learned/learnt 过去分词:learned/learnt 现在分词:learning 第三人称单数:learns 例句与用法: 1. I'm trying to learn English. 我正在尽力学英语. 2. I


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