1)result泛指结果本身,使用频率高 例一:The result of the game was five-nil. 比赛结果是五比零.2)consequence强调因果关系和前因后果的逻辑性 例二:As a consequence of being in hospital, Shelly decided that she wanted to become a nurse. 由于在医院的缘故,谢莉决定当一名护士.

consequence 一、基本用法 n.1.[C][常P]结果,后果,影响: It will cause a serious consequence. 这会导致严重的后果. He was prepared to face the consequences. 他准备面对一切后果. He must take the consequences of his own deeds. 他

名词 n. 1.结果,后果[C][(+of)]I'm quite willing to accept the consequences. 我完全愿意承担后果. 2.重大,重要(性)[U][(+to)]He is a man of great consequence. 他是一个很重要的人物. 3.自大,神气活现[U]The young man rambled on with an air of great consequence. 小伙子带着妄自尊大的神态没完没了地东拉西扯. 4.逻辑上的必然结果,推论

consequence [英][knskwns][美][k:nskwens] n.结果,成果; [逻]结论; 重要性; 推论; 复数:consequences 例句:1.Political and economic instability are an inevitable consequence. 政治和经济不稳定成为不可避免的后果.2.China's dollar dependency is a consequence of its currency policy. 中国对于美元的依赖是其货币政策的结果.

满意请采纳 result “结果”,指做某事产生的直接结果,或指某抽象概念的结果. 1) The students are intensely anxious to know the result of the entrance examination. 学生们非常渴望知道入学考试的结果. 2) As a general rule, the rise in

结果,后果 还可以表示“重要性,关键”

consequence ['knsi,kwns] n.1.结果,后果;影响2.【逻辑学】(逻辑上的)结论,推论,推理3.因果关系4.重要性;重大意义5.重要地位;显要,卓越;举足轻重6.趾高气扬,自命不凡 近义词:effect .importance .短语1.as a consequence因

result, consequence, effect, outcome这组词均含有“结果”的意思,指事物最后呈现的一种局面.result是最普通的用词,用途最广,指很多效果、后果的综合,带有“最后结果”的意味.consequence这个词带有贬义,一般表示一种不好的

consequence 结果;重要性;推论

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