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constipation iron

low constipation iron 导致便秘的药物铁剂含量低.一般在营养食品上标示这个,由于化学药物铁剂产生自由基,有毒副作用,少量可引起便秘.所以在食品包装上标识这个,表示这种营养品里面“导致便秘的药物铁剂”的含量较低,吃了不会造成便秘,尤其是孕妇吃的营养食品.再看看别人怎么说的.

constipation [英][knstpen][美][k:nstpen] n.便秘; 受限制; 例句: 1. exercise can also promote restful sleep and prevent constipation. 锻炼也能改善睡眠状况,预防便秘. 2. chronic constipation can contribute to bed-


better than a. 比多(超过) 例句与用法: copper conducts electricity better than iron does. 铜的导电性比铁强. two heads are better than one. st. 两人智慧胜一人. i think her translation of the article is much better than his. 我认为她对这篇文章的


Buckwheat: Buckwheat is a highly nutritional value of cereals. It contains protein, fat, starch, amino acids, vitamins B1, B2, P, rutin, flavonoids, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, chromium, is very rich in nutrients. Compendium of Materia

Chenopodiaceae spinach is a year to generate biennial vegetables. It was originally called called "Leng spinach dish," because of them, "Leng" difficult to identify convenient and simple as a word. Ancient Chinese people on behalf of spinach

Vegetables, like fruits, are low in fat but contain good amounts of vitamins and minerals. All the Green-Yellow-Orange vegetables are rich sources of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, beta-carotene, vitamin B-complex, vitamin-C, vitamin A, and

I'm going to give you eleven tips to designing a weight loss plan that will radically increase your ability to shed the kilos. Lose Weight Tip No. 1: Make Sure You're Eating Atleast 2 pieces of fruit and 5 servings of vegetables Per Day.While most

better than一般跟代词名词动名词.“比好”than在这里是介词.rather than一般跟代词名词 “不愿、不要、不是”than在这里也是介词.other than一般跟代词名词 “除了、不同于、而不”另外比如 he never speaks to me other than to ask for something.也可以跟不定式.希望可以帮到你,多翻翻英语字典还是对英语学习很有帮助的.

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