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children s day

Children's Day 儿童节(就是6月1日)Childrens' Day 儿童们的节日(没有规定,是就是)

children's day 意思是:儿童节 以下双语例句:1.Let's sing. Happy children's day! 让我们唱儿童节快乐!2.Children's day: how students, teacher achieved their objective 儿童节:看学生和老师如何一起实现目标3.We have mother's day and father'

儿童节啊, Children,儿童的复数形式(Child 儿童).'s 什么什么的.和在一起就是孩子们的节日.所以是六一儿童节

during the children's days when we were young, we sometimes were taken out by parents, or we young kids went together by ourselves, running to the very places with lots of fun and buying plenty of things for a whole day. if my parents took me to,

1 Children's Day儿童节2 Women's Day 妇女节

Children's Day is the most favorite festival among children.We will have a party at home on children`s Day.We often buy some sweets and chips.We can also play with our friends for all day .The Children`s Day must be a great happiness.儿童节是最喜欢的节日是儿童.在家里的孩子`节我们将有一个聚会.我们经常买一些糖果和薯条.我们也可以和我们的朋友们玩了一整天.孩子们`节一定很幸福.

因为在国外的家庭中,孩子通常不止一个的,而母亲只有一个. 而且mother 可以作为集体名词来讲,可译成:妈妈们.例如:Teachers'Day father's Day


on Children's Day 正确 意思是在儿童节那一天,没有in的用法

When is Children's Day ?It's on June the first.祝你学习进步,更上一层楼! (*^__^*) 不明白的再问哟,请及时采纳,多谢!

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