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accessible to的造句

1.A manager should be accessible to his staff. 一个管理人员应该让职员感到平易近人. 2. This island is accessible only by boat. 这个小岛只能坐小船去. 3. The information ought to be made more accessible. 资料应该明白易懂. 4. This

访问双语对照词典结果:accessible to[医]adj.易接近的,能进去的; 很高兴为您解答祝你生活愉快,学习进步如果你对这个答案有什么疑问,请追问如果满意记得采纳哦~~

她跟他似乎前所未有地亲近,两人之间的巨大鸿沟之上一时似乎架起了桥梁. All the information accessible by WAIS is also available to Gopher and through WWW (World Wide Web).所有通过WAIS获得的资料也可以通过WWW(World Wide Web)

expose vt. 使暴[曝, 显, 袒]露 揭露, 揭示, 透露, 揭发 使面临, 使接触 使遭受; 招致 使曝[感]光 展览, 陈列的意思 expose(常与to连用)暴露 exposeto 使受到, 使朝向; 使接触如to expose one's skin to the sun 把皮肤暴露在

adjust to 英[dst tu:] 美[dst tu] [词典] 调整, 调节; [造句]How did you adjust to college life?你是如何适应大学生活的?Yes, I can adjust to anything. 是的,我什么都能适应.First, it must support the activities needed to adjust to

1、Amity between the two nations will contribute to the prosperity of the region. 这两个国家之间的和睦友好有助于这一地区的繁荣. 2、It is an honour to be invited to contribute to your literature magazine. 能应邀为你们的文学杂志写稿我感到非常荣幸. 3、Fresh air and exercise can contribute to good health. 新鲜空气和运动有助于健康. 如有帮助望采纳~

exposed to译文:接触;暴露于造句:1. We are exposed to the most calamitous accidents .我们遭受着极大的灾难.2. They are exposed to many hazards .它们会遇到很多危险.3. The drug has lost its potence by being exposed to moisture .这药


1. able to: 能 | 能到 | 会 | 可以2. be able to do: 能够做 | 能够 | 有能力做 | 能3. be able to risk: 负担得起 | 足以1.and i hope i'll beableableto liveunder the sea.“ , ”我希望我可以能够生活在海中.2.I am not the person that youareableto pry away

He didn't contribute one idea to the plan. 他对这个计划没有贡献一个点子.His research has contributed a lot to our understanding of this disease. 他的研究对我们对这种疾病的理解作出很大贡献.

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