I agree to go hiking with him.我同意和他一起去远足.We agree to help the old people do some housework on weekends .我们同意周末帮老人做一些家务活.He agreed to do it at once.他同意立刻行动.

I agree to go hiking with him.我同意和他一起去远足.

先说need to do sthneed可以作情态动词也可以作普通动词.当它为情态动词的时候,肯定形式就是need do sth.当它是普通动词时候,肯定形式是need to do sth.由此,此处为动词形式.例句:I need to do my homework.agree t


1.The figures add up to 500.2.After class some students go out of the classroom3.I miss you again and again.4.We agreed to have met here but so far she hasn't turned up yet.5.I quite agree with you6.I

用下面的短语造句、尽量用复合句 1、all kinds of There are all kinds of books in the bookshop which is over there.2、 a kind of It's a kind of book I'm interested in.3、 agree to do sth.Lily who is my b

According to the map, we found the way to the park.I always play football with my classmates after class.My mother agreed me to play computer games after I finished my homework.Lily agreed with me.The

I agree to go hiking with him.我同意和他一起去远足.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~祝你进步,如对你有帮助,请及时采纳~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

By writing this essay makes me feel that I am agree to cheat on paper.Is this the sort of thing that kids will do recently?It is fortunate that you could hold on this chance and approach to students'


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