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as as 的同义词组


regard as 把 看作 近义词组:treat as/consideras /takeas/ look on as英语(English),是由古代从北欧及斯堪的纳维亚半岛移民至大不列颠群岛的盎格鲁、撒克逊和朱特部落的日耳曼人所说的语言演变而来,并通过英国的殖民活动传播

1. the same as 真要用也许只能这么说:She is beautiful in the same way as Alice have shown.the same +n. as 接名词2. Lucy is in the same age as Alice.Lucy and Alice are in the same age.3 L and A are both stingy/generous.L is as stingy/generous as A.4. 都对 就是both放的位置不一样嘛 毫不影响…

asas意思为一样,似的.同义词为the same as意思为同样的,无异!希望对楼主有帮助!祝你学习进步!!

work as 任…职, 当… It must be a hard life, working as a nurse in a backward country. 在落后的国家当一名护士, 生活必定是艰苦的. Google 网络词典 work as 隐藏摘要 充当 【摘要】 work as 充当. pull carts 拉车. in addition to 除了

be looked on … as be considered as be referred to as be regarded as be treated as be identified as

scarcely…whenas soon asdirectlyno sooner … than …the moment that hardly …whenhardly …beforethe very momentas soon as | as … asonceimmediately

He is as old as I . -= We are the same age.He isn't as tall as I.== I'm taller than him.== He is shorter than I(me)as.as. 和一样 not as.as. 不如.. 同义句表较多

同义词:certainly同义词组:of course

as当.时 同义词whenas因为 同义词because

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