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as far as例句

They walked as far as the lake. 他们一直走到湖边.

as far as 意思有:adv. 至于,直到,远到;就…而言;只要 发音:英 [z f: z] 美 [z fr z] 例句:1、The group has adventured as far as the Austrian alps. 该队伍的探险之旅远至奥地利的阿尔卑斯山.2、As far as I know no one is handing

在这个句子里面是“至于;就……而言”的意思翻译:就我们从这篇文章中得知的而言,阿加莎克里斯蒂(著名侦探小说家)…………as far as还有一个意思,就是它的本意远到……例句:They walked as far as the lake. 他们一直走到湖边. 希望可以帮到你!

as far as 只要; 远到…; 据…; 直到…为止

as long as固定短语,有"只要"的意思 而as far as没有这个意思

1. As far as oil energy is concerned, we cannot be too frugal.就石油能源而言, 我们愈节省愈好.2. As far as balance construction materials are concerned, both aluminum and steel may beused.至于制造天平的材料, 既可以用铝也可以用钢.3. As

“as far as i am concerned” 就我而言.;对我来说.◎再举几个用法例句:1、As far as I am concerned the matter is closed.对我来说,事情已了结.2、As far as I am concerned ,that water is too cold.对我来说,水太凉了.3、As far as I am concerned ,he can do whatever he likes .就我而言,他愿意什麽就做什麽.

as far asadv.远到, 直到, 至于as far asas far asconj.(连接词)To the degree or extent that:表程度或范围:They returned at nine, as far as we know.据我所知,他们是九点返回的

1.you are as clever as me2.the paper is as white as the wall3.he is not as tall as you4.we are as happy as birds5.she is as old as her husband6.the thief ran as fast as a cheetah7.it's not as big as the sky8.the color is as clear as water9.do as much as you can 10.please reply to me as soon as possibly

as far as i can see

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