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assert themselves

mccrea said the justice can not assert themselves 麦克雷说的正义可不会伸张自己 mccrea said the justice can not assert themselves 麦克雷说的正义可不会伸张自己

明辨已得到维护. Good sense asserted itself. 明智伏人. Women began to assert themselves and demand equal pay for equal work in the middle of the nineteenth century. 明智伏人即明智使人信服.

affirm,assert,allege,claim都含有一定的"宣称,断言"之意 affirm 断言,肯定,指根据事实坚定不移地宣称,有无可争辩之意 assert 宣称,坚持,指不管事实如何,主观自信地宣称 allege 宣称,断定,指在无真实凭据情况下宣称,硬说 claim 声称,主张,往往表示说话者反对或不同意某一观点 展开全部

以下为本人手工制作In the psychoses those modes of operation of the psychic apparatus which are normally suppressed in the waking state reassert themselves,and there

这无法阻止建立一座力量强大的大坝已经变成国家成绩的象征和人们力求维护他们自己这一现实 It doesn't help that.做某事没用那么就是做后面的事没用,即 无法阻止后面的事情发生如果是 建立一座力量强大的大坝已经


i'd like to go with you forever, because i like you, we all it well, i know you don't love to assert themselves, but i only want you a sincerity, you are true, and i have been fulfilled, and i don't you something! true, the day is cold, take good care of yourself

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