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at once

adv. 立即;一起;同时;立刻 [例句]several things happened at once. 几件事情同时发生. i desire you to go at once. 我请求你现在马上就走.

at once 副词(adv.) 立刻,马上

at once:立即,马上.常用于 一般将来时.

您好,at once的中文意思是立刻、马上,希望可以帮到您.

区别:1、right away强调现在(就得做).例句:Mick wants to see you in his office right away. 米克要你马上去他的办公室见他.Yes, I'll be going right away. ,我这就去.2、 at once强调即刻的行动.After the theatre let out, the street was at once thronged with people. 戏院散场以后,街上顿时挤满了人.The audience at once greeted him warmly. 观众立即对他作出了热情的反应.

once a week 表示的是一种不断重复的行为频度,适合用于一般体的各种时态:一般现在时、一般过去是、一般将来时.例如:we tend to meet up for lunch once a week. 我们往往是每周共进一次午餐.meat used to be available once a week last year. 去年曾经是每周有一顿肉.i will go to the chippy at least once a week from now on. 从今以后,我起码会一个星期去一次薯条店.

近意词是as soon as possible 是马上、立刻的意思

I will go to turn off the lights at once 我立即去关灯 I will finish my homework at once 我立即去完成作业

意思是马上立刻,副词,用于修饰动词,通常放在宾语后.例如you should go home at once.你必须马上回家.she cried at once,她立刻就哭了.

答案是:可以用于一般现在时,一般将来时比如:do your homework at once i will do my homework at once 手工翻译尊重劳动欢迎提问感谢采纳

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