1. 吸引;引起2. 诱人的;有吸引力的 3. 为……所吸引4. an immediate attraction to 5. few attractions 6. the main attractions7. What attracted me most 8. a great attraction

词性及解释vt.吸引, 诱惑vi.有吸引力词形变化 形容词: attractable 名词: attracter 动词过去式: attracted 过去分词: attracted 现在分词: attracting 第三人称单数: attracts 英英解释 1.v.exert a force on (a body) causing it to approach or prevent

attract是动词,它有几个意思:1. 引来,吸引.短语有attract sb/sth “吸引某人、某物”.比如:a match attracts many people to watch. 一场比赛吸引了很多人来看.2. 引起,激起. 短语有“引起注意”"attract one's attention"3. 使某人产生兴

attractive[英][trktv][美][trktv]adj.有魅力的; 引人注目的; 迷人的; 招人喜爱的; 最高级:most attractive比较级:more attractiveSecond, attractive slaughter cow prices appear to be encouraging much heavier culling of cows from

attractive英 ['trktv]美 ['trktv]adj. 吸引人的;有魅力的;引人注目的更多释义>>[网络短语]Attractive 诱人,吸引力,有魅力的attractive force 引力,吸引力,吸力attractive design 款式新颖,格局新颖,有吸引力的设计

attractive的翻译 : adj.(形容词) 有吸引力的,很有魅力的 引人注目的 吸引的 诱人的,媚人的,迷人的,动人的 俏的,标致的 妩媚动人的,风姿动人的,楚楚动人的 attractive的基本意思是“有吸引力的”,用于人时指外表“性感的;妩媚的

harvest本身就有名词属性,不必ing动名词属性类似用法show time [词典] 表演时刻; 做秀时间,秀场; [例句]But now, its show time!但是现在,你的演出时间到了!(你看,show不加ing吧)be attractive to当然是词组.某些事物对某些人有吸引力,sth be attractive to sb就是这样

1 during the promotional of huaxing 2 at a attractive price 3 buy from 4 sell to 5 have a look 6 see at a bargain

appeal [ 'pi:l ] n. 恳求,上诉,吸引力 v. 求助,诉请,呼吁 [过去式appealed 过去分词appealed 现在分词appealing 第三人称单数appeals 名词appealability 形容词appealable ] 1. Her eyes held a look of silent appeal. 她眼中流露著无声的求助神情. dict.cn 2. appeal to sb.for sth/to do sth. 向某人呼吁… www.h6688.com 3. Does his film appeal to you? 你喜欢他的电影吗?

idiom: it goes to show used to say that something proves something 证明;表明 it just goes to show what you can do when you really try. 这就表明,一个人只要真下功夫,就能做成什么事情. idiom: show somebody the door to ask somebody to

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