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be eager to do

前者是渴望做某事;如:I'm eager to get full marks in the exams.我希望在考试中得到满分,(呵呵,不现实) 后者是愿意,乐意做某事,如:I'm willing to help you !我很乐意帮助你!

eageradj.急切;渴望的;热心的;热切的,热情洋溢的be eager to do :渴望做某事

be eager to do sth 渴望做某事; 急于做某事; eager 英[i:g(r)] 美[i] adj. 急切; 渴望的; 热心的; 热切的,热情洋溢的;

是be eager to.eager 读法 英 ['ig] 美 ['ig] adj. 渴望的;热切的;热心的 例句:1、Robert was eager to talk about life in the Army.罗伯特渴望谈论军旅生活.2、When my own son was five years old, I became eager for another baby.当我儿子

意为 渴望做某事 =====*******======*******=======******** 希望可以帮到你哦!望采纳 谢谢!o(∩_∩)o


be likely to do sth 译为有可能做某事 be likely to do 像做一些事 likely作形容词 例句:That 's likely to be a tough sell.这款产品很可能不好卖.likely do sth .译为大概..likely do相似的做事 likely做副词,主要用在most,或者very的后面.例句:They'll very likely come by car.他们很有可能会开车来.

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题:be eager to =(look)(forward )to 渴望


是be eager to

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