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be in danger of

be in danger of[英][bi: in deind v][美][bi n dend v]v.有..的危险; 例句:1.Unless the eurozone takes responsibility to solve these specific problems andsimultaneously reforms its governing system, it will be in danger of


be in danger be in后加名词danger,名词dangerous 形容词

整个短语的意思是处在什么什么样的 危险之中. danger of 后面的名词修饰danger,说明 danger的属性

be in danger [英][bi: in deind][美][bi n dend] 遇险;出险; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句:1.There is speculation in early reports on the ruling that other sites may be indanger. 先前有关这一判决的报道称有人猜测其它网站可能有危险

一个是处于危险 一个是危险

处于.危险中粗鲁的Suddenly,the wind rough the sea

be in great danger 释义:全部,处于极大危险中,危险之中,处于极其危险的境地 例句:1.Your friend must be in great danger, or else he would have come down longago.你们的朋友一定十分危险,要不他早就下来了.2.you will be in great

1. in danger of 处于…危险之中.比如:The patient is in danger of death.那个病人有死亡的危险.The Jordan River is polluted and in danger of going dry.约旦河已经被污染,且有趋于干枯的危险.We must wake up to the fact that this kind of

答:区别一看就知道.前者比后者少个of.后者比前者多个of.有了介词of,则后面必跟一个名词词组.共同之处:都有in danger in danger 本身是个介词短语.意为:处于危险之中(的). in 表示“在之中”.作为介词短语,它可以作状语

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