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be interested in后面

in 是介词,其后接动词自然应用动名词 be interested in doing sth = 对做某事感兴趣(指一般性的动作) be interested to do sth = 很有兴趣做某事,很想做某事(指尚未发生的动作)

加名词或代词的宾格作宾语 如:I'm interested in the film.我对那部电影感兴趣 I'm interested in her.我对她感兴趣

be interested in doing sth. 表示对.做有兴趣,感兴趣;这里的in是介词.例句:And why should anyone be interested in listening to our cough? 凭什么会有人感兴趣来听我们的咳嗽呢?He asked me if I would be interested in coming on the board and helping to create a website他问我是否愿意参加,帮助建一个网站等等.


介词后面当然加v-ing啦~~如:he is interested in teaching


be interested in是固定结构,后接in sb\sth 或者 in doing sth,表示对什么感兴趣,对什么关心;be intersted in没有单独的这个结构,只有intersting to do sth或that,除非是放在句子里,有特定的语境,不能单看.

如果是可数名词,可以用复数.例如:He is interested in animals .他对动物感兴趣.祝你学习进步!


可以的.You seem very interested, I happen to know that he would be interested in it as well.

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