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be patient with造句

The teacher not only should be strict with the students,but also should be patient with them

You are patient with your study.

1.I like to chat with my friends.我喜欢和我的朋友聊天 I want to chit with you.我想和你聊聊2.My teacher is patient with us very much.我的老师对我们很有耐心 Please be patient with your children.请对你的孩子耐心一些 希望能帮助到您O(∩_∩)O~

be patient with 中文释义:对…有耐心 英文发音:[bi pent w] 例句:You will have to be patient with her. she's not very quick on the uptake.你对她得耐心点,她的

Heis just a small child, so you should be patient with him. 他只不过是个小孩子, 你应该对他耐心点.

with sth. to sb.

be patient to sb. 对某人有耐心. be patient with sth. 是病人……

be patient with和be patient to的区别:意思不同、用法不同、侧重点不同 一、意思不同1.be patient with意思:对 有耐心2.be patient to意思:有耐心 二、用法不同1.be

在英文表达中并没有be patient to sb.这种说法,这是一个错误的短语.be patient with的释义 (1)对…有耐心 动词 (2)对…有耐心 常见的用法为:with后面加人,be

翻译:对于时间要有耐心.一切都会明朗起来的. 分析:这是俩个简单句.第一个 Be(谓语) patient (表语,和with构成词组)with time(宾语). Everything(不定代

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