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beside except

是besides 和except 的区别 besides 表示除了.之外, 还有 except 表示把个体从整体中排除出去,All of us have been to Beijing except him. (除了他,我们都去过北京)(他没去过) All of us have been to Beijing besides him. (除了他之外,我们也去过北京)(都去过) 另外except = but 还有except for 表示先肯定整体再否定局部.He is a good guy except for his hot temper.他这人还不错,除了他的急脾气.

exceptprep.1. 除之外 we go there every day except sunday. 除了星期天,我们每天都去那儿. they all went to sleep except the young frenchman. 除了那位年轻的法国人以外,他们全都去睡觉了. i like her except when she is angry. 除了她发怒

1. besides意为"除.之外"(包括后者在内),通常与other, also等词连用.What other languages do you know besides English?除了英语之外,你还懂什么语言?Besides being wrong, your proposed action is also unwise. 你所建议的行动不仅是

besides beside,except和except for 都是介词, 但它们的用法不同1、besides 除……之外,还有…… We have Chinese and maths besides English every day . 我们每天除了上英语还上语文和数学.2、beside 在……旁边 He is fishing beside the

except=除了 beside=与…相比

应该是besides与except besides 除了……之外,还有 (有包括) except 除了……之外,没有了 (不包括) 你比较下面两句就清楚了. Besides English, he also knows Japanese and French. 除了英语,他还知道日语和法语. He doesn't know any other language except English. 除了英语,他其他语言都不知道.

besides:除之外,还有.而except:除以外,不包括在内(意味着从整体中减去部分)e.g.We all went to see the film except John.除了约翰,我们都去看了电影.We all went to see the film besides Joh

beside 是在..旁边的意思 你说的应该是besides, 是除..以外,还有, 也就是包括besides的东西 except 除了..没有以外,其他都 也就是不包括except 后的东西

expect期待,等候 except 除了(表示不包含在内) besides 包括,除了…之外还有,意义与except相反.beside 在…旁边

语法区别在于 except不能用于句首,besides, expect for与apart from 能用于句首 besides 是口语化单词,写作时用moreover 英文原意(in addition to someone or something else that you are mentioning) 意思是,除了besides后面提及的人或事

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