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delay gratification


gratification英 [grtfken] 美 [rtfken] n.满足; 满意; 喜悦; 使人满意之事网络满足感; 报酬;


The top five reasons why your EQ determines your success in life Conventional wisdom has it that there's a direct connection between our IQ and our ability to succeed in life.In school,we're ranked by our GPA.At certain points in grade school,

Often we're told that we have to suffer now give up what we want in order to succeed later, that in order to save we must sacrifice. Give up instant gratification to get delayed gratification.But you can do both.For years, I was confused about this

learn to face our life actively life is not easy for us.everyday we have to face a series of problems.students have to go to school for education,adults have to go to work for money.we all have to care for our family,or even the whole society.as a student,

在你开始阅读棉花糖故事之前,还有一个问题: 有三只青蛙在河中的一片叶子上顺水漂流.其中一只想跳到河里.在叶子上还剩几只青蛙? 大多数人会回答还有两只. 答案错误. 正确答案是: 在叶子上还有三只青蛙. 为什么? 因为“想跳

[图文] used to teach children to delay gratification(满意).Here are some examples of how it works.If your child wants a toy when you're at the store and you don't want to buy it,you can say,(A)"You love that toy

问题解答:智商与情商哪个重要?英文翻译 Which one is more important, IQ or EQ?语法说明:这是一个选择疑问句.选择疑问句是用or连接询问的两部分,以供选择,答案必须是完整的句子或其省略形式.一般提出两种或两种以上的可能,问

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