With the encouragement of the teacher, I worked harder n. 鼓励, 激励, 奖励

Our teacher gives us lots of encouragements.我们的老师给予了我们很多鼓励.

The encouragement the teacher gave us inspired all the students to study even harder.

courage1.We esteem courage . 我们敬重勇气.2.His courage revived.他的勇气恢复了.encourage 1.An enterprise should encourage innovation.企业应鼓励创新.2.Don't encourage his laziness.不要助长他的惰性.encouragement1.Children need more encouragement. 孩子需要更多的鼓励. 2.Encouragement is oxygen to the soul. 鼓励是灵魂的氧气. 祝进步.

When things aren't going well, he encourages me, telling me not to give up. 事情进展不顺的时候,他鼓励我说不要放弃.We want to encourage people to go fishing, not put them off 我们希望鼓励人们去垂钓,而不是打消他们的热情.Such secrecy breeds and encourages fear and suspicion 如此保密的做法滋生并加剧了人们的恐惧和疑虑.

1、In other words, music to them is their second life.换言之,对他们而言,音乐是他们的第二生命.2、The dinosaurs disappeared because they could not adapt to their changing environment.恐龙灭绝是因为它们不能适应变化了的环境.3、Let

already在陈述句是已经的意思,yet在否定句中是至今的意思,这2个单词经常在有现在完成时的句子里,是外国人的习惯. 但already只能放在陈述句中,yet只能放在否定句和疑问句中. 例 i have already eaten lunch.我已经吃过早餐了. he hasn't been back yet.他直到现在还没回来. have you got over this problem yet?你(直到)现在解决这个问题了吗?

He has been encouraged by people since last year .自从去年起,他就被人们所鼓励.

Respect is important in our daily life.I always devote myself into my favourite job.Literature is one of the most important forms of arts in the world.The average of yesterday's test is 80.I always st

1.impress: I was impressed by your speech. 2.correction: Would you please make correction of your homework? 3.encouragement: I finally finished the long essay with the encouragement of my teacher. 4.enjoyment: We got much enjoyment from

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