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endow with是什么意思

endow with 英[indau wi] 美[nda w] [词典] 把…捐赠给(某人或某处) give (sb or sth) a lasting gift of; 赋予…(天资、美德等); [网络] 赋予; 赋; [例句]Dog training can endow with a remarkable extent of contentment.狗训练可以赋予一个了不起的满意程度.

及物动词 vt. 1.捐赠;资助;向捐钱(或物) The rich alumnus endowed the college with half of his fortune. 这位富有的校友把其一半的财产捐赠给这所大学. 2.赋予[H][(+with)] He is endowed with an inventive mind. 他天生具有发明才能.

1. 天生具有,天赋,赋予(某些天资、资质、才能、能力、品质、权力等):例句: Nature has endowed her with beauty and intelligence.她天生美丽聪明.He is endowed with genius.他有天才.2. 认为…具有某种品质(或特质):例句: He was endowed with the spirit of self-sacrifice.他富有自我牺牲精神.3. 给予,资助,捐助,捐赠,向…捐钱(或物):例句: to endow a school with a fund给学校捐款

follow up with 探究到底;采取进一步行动;接着下来 双语例句1 Let me follow up with her. 我来和她跟进这个案子.2 If its that important, someone will follow up with you. 如果这封邮件真的那么重要,那么会有人继续和你联系的.

be aligned with的中文翻译 be aligned with 被对齐 双语例句 1 measures to liberalize trade and finance needed to be aligned with social development goals. 有必要调整贸易和金融自由化的措施以适应社会发展的目标. 2 mandates must be aligned with other, complementing initiatives and supported politically and financially. 任务规定必须与其他补充性的举措保持一致,并且必须得到政治和财政支持.

be stuck with 英[bi: stk wi] 美[bi stk w] 被…缠住无法摆脱,遇到困难无法进行下去

match with:使和……相匹配 match 英 [mt] 美 [mt] vt. 使比赛;使相配;敌得过,比得上;相配;与…竞争 vi. 比赛;匹配;相配,相称;相比 n. 比赛,竞赛;匹配;对手;火柴 with 英 [w] 美 [w; wθ] prep. 用;随着;支持;和

与搭配/匹配、 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!请记得采纳,谢谢!O(∩_∩)O

be compatible with [英]bi: kmptbl wi [美]bi kmptbl w v. 适合,一致 [例句]Just as the us encouraged europe to co-operate and unify , so too can a co-operative , prosperous asia be compatible with us interests.就像美国曾

be crowded with 中文释义: 充满, 满是 The horsy crowd 爱马的人群 Very crowded 挨挨蹭蹭 Intolerably crowded 拥护不堪 The crowd scattered.人群散开了.An orderly crowd 守秩序的人群

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