[i'fintli] adv. 有效地;效率高地(efficient的副词形式)adv.有效地;效率高地(efficient的副词形式)effectively, usefully

With the new machine's help,we managed to compelete the English chanslation efficiently

f you pace yourself,你会提高工作效率pace yourself :如果你自己的步伐, you will be work more efficiently

To learn English Grammer easy.To learn English words easy.To learn English writing easy.To learn spoken English easy.To translate English easy.


你好!we should use time efficiently.希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

People can't really understand the needs of those who need help because of their remote physical distance , and can't help them efficiently as a result.

1.It is too late to view this house today. Let's go tomorrow.今天看房太晚了.我们明天再去吧.2.The Mekong River flows into the South China Sea.湄公河汇入中国南海.3.Many people like to see the flow of ice near the Antarctic.许多人喜欢在南极

你好!the successful language learner成功的语言学习者

提高学习效率的英文翻译_提高学习效率improve learning efficiency

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