I can't forget your eyes. 我无法忘记你的双眼

sorry,i forget your name

Almost Forget My Business. 3. 绝不可怠忽你的职守. 2. 我不会忘的.Forgive and forget. 不念旧恶;t forget it. 4. 我几乎把正事给忘了.I won'.Never forget your duties1

Don't forget to do your hoemwork.I forgot calling her yesterday, so I call her again today.

He forgot to play basketball yesterday.一般过去时He won't forget your command.一般将来时I forget to bring my schoolbag.一般现在时He had forgotten most of his memories.现在完成时一般forget不用现在进行时

1. Sometimes charged cursor programs forget to change the appearance of the cursor. 有时使用加载光标的程序忘记改变光标的外观. - 2. Sometimes, however, they do not use the product for months at a time and forgetsignificant portions of what

I forget to love you.I forget to do homework !采纳采纳()

1 办公室的灯还在亮着,他忘记关了 - The office light is still on, he forgot to turn it off.2 他忘记他已经关了灯了 - He forgot that he had already turned off the light3 记着放学后去趟邮局 - Remember to go to the post office after school.4 你不记得以前见

forget doing sth忘记做过某事I"ll never forget finding that rare old coin in my gardon.Mary will never forget seeing the exciting film.I forgot writing to him,so I wrote again.He forgot turning the lig

forget doing造句:And America will never forget the ones who have fallen men and women last seen doing their duty, whose names we will honor forever. 美国将永远不会忘记那些以身殉职的男女将士,我们将永远铭记他们 解析:造句,动词词语,是指用词语组织句子.今亦以指初等学校语文练习内容之一.词目:造句 基本:[sentence-making] 引证解释: 把词组织成句子.今亦以指初等学校语文练习内容之一

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