would like to

though adv. 可是,虽然;不过;然而 conj. 虽然;尽管 prep. 但 同近义词 adv.可是,虽然;不过;然而 nevertheless, not but that conj.虽然;尽管 although, while, as, albeit 词组短语 even though 虽然,即使 as though 好像;仿佛 go though 走过;排练;经历;从头到尾地阅读

frustrate vt.1. 挫败;阻挠;使感到灰心 They made their preparations to frustrate the conspiracy.他们作好准备挫败这个阴谋.He was frustrated by repeated failures.他因一再失败而灰心丧气.2. 使无效 a.1. 受挫的;失望的2. 无益的,无效的 The

banlanced a.平衡的;安定的;和谐的raw(生的)反义词:ripe(熟的)feel depressed

communicate with 沟通;通话 例句 My teachercommunicate with me我老师和我交流 communicate in 用语言沟通 例句 we communicat in english 我们用英语沟通 communicate to 传达给…;向…表达;传染;传送 例句 He has communicated his wishes to me. 他已经把他的愿望告诉了我.

只有 have difficulty in doing 、have trouble in doing 正确,在这种短语中,difficulty、trouble都是不可数名词.

blame sb for sth 因某事责怪某人blame sth on sb 把某事归咎到某人身上be to blame for sth 对…负有责任take the blame for sth 承担…的责任get sth blame for 对…负责~~~网上也可以查到更多的,我列举的这些是常见的

surprise的用法1. surprise可做名词,基本用法如下:表示“惊讶”时,是不可数名词.常用短语:in surprise 惊讶地;to one's surprise 让某人惊讶的是1)in surprise意为“惊奇地”常位于动词之后作状语,表示方式.如:John turned around and

regardas 把……视作on duty 值日;值班be angry with=be mad at 生气try one's best=do one's best 尽全力做某事ask sb for help 向某人寻求帮助be frustrated in 对……感到失望have trouble doing sth 做某事有困难go out 外出

1. all through一直,从来就2. be through a. 做完,完成b. 不再往来,断绝关系c. 完蛋d. 打通关系3. be through with a. [口语]b. 做好(工作等)c. 厌倦…;弃绝…4. through and through完完全全;彻底地;反复地

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