both, either, neither, all, any, none 这些词都可用作代词或形容词.其位置都在be 动词之后,行为动词之前或第一助动词之后. 1) both (两者都),either(两者中任何一个), neither (两者都不).以上词使用范围为两个人或物. Neither of

1)sometimes是个频度副词,意为“有时候”,多用于一般现在时,对它进行提问常用how often. 如:Sometimes I watch TV with my parents. 有时我和父母一起看电视.How often do you write to your father? 你多久给你父亲写一次信?

Sometime”是个时间副词,意思是“在某时期”.这个字通常 和“日期”或“时间”连用,出现在句子后半部, 用来固定本来不肯定的时间或日期.例如: ① The accident

from time to time [英][frm taim tu: taim][美][frm tam tu tam] 不时,偶尔,间或; 时而; 相关单词:From Time To Time 使用例句:1And I'll need some help from time to time.并且有时还需要帮助.2I'm known to do that from time to time.我

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不时地,偶尔 例子:I can see Hieks at the library from time to time. 我在图书馆有时能看见希克斯.


是 不时, 偶尔, 间或 的意思啊,通常做定语.

from time to time的意思是有时,he Want to meet his old friend from time to time望采纳

from time to time: 有时,不时often 是经常地意思.频率上有所不同的.From time to time, we need an expert.She often sits alone in the shadow

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