家务活/家务劳动 homework是家庭作业

完全不同.housework: [ 'hasw:k ] n. 家务劳动例句与用法: 1. Housework keeps mother on the fly all day. 家务劳动使母亲整天忙忙碌碌. 2. We alternate in doing the housework. 我们轮流做家务. homework: [ 'humw:k ] n. 家庭作业例句

housework英 [hasw:k] 美 [hasw:rk] n.家务劳动 例句: Modern inventions facilitate housework. 许多现代发明便利了家务劳动. You can really work up a sweat doing housework 做家务真的会让人大汗淋漓.

Learn to do housework Some people think studengts need not do any housework.They think the only thing students need do is to study well. I don't think so. It is good for students to do some housework for three reason. Firstly,to do some

chore指的是“家庭杂务;日常零星工作”,也就是所谓的“家务活”.do chores=do housework 处理琐事;干家务 chore为可数名词,housework为不可数名词.我想没有人会喜欢做家务(chores),因为它“令人厌烦”.所以chore还有一个意思是“令人厌烦的工作”.

以下是百度上的两篇帖子仅供参考: 1、I think teenages should do housework. Firstly, parents are usually busy with their work. Children should be responsible for their family and they should help their parents reduce their housework. Secondly, it is

Housework In summer holiday ,I help my parents do a lot of house works . In the morning ,I must get up very early ,because I should make breakfast ,after breakfast ,I should clean the house.Then I cook meal …A day past I feel tired ,I think to be a

Every family has a lot of housework, everyone should learn to do . In my family, I often help my parents do housework . Such as washing bowls, cleaning house , washing clothes and so on. I think it is not easy for my parents to do housework,I ought to

这两个词都是复合词 housework 中的house是房子的意思在房子中干的工作译为家务 homework 中的home是家的意思 在家里做的工作译为家庭作业

学会做许多家务活会使每个家庭的父母感到自豪 The single child generation are now at their marriageable age. However, as they establish their own families, doing household chores has become a problem for many of them. In order to solve this

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