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hundreds of造句

首先你要知道这个词组是什么意思,它是"数以百计"的意思,你可以这样造,汉译:有数以百计的老师参加了这次会议 那英语就为:There were hundreds of teachers attending this meeting.

hundreds of=成千上万的;数以百计的 e.g. there are hundreds of people hurring home during the spring festival. (春节期间,成千上万的人都在赶往家过年.)

He has hundreds of books. 他有好几百本书.There were thousands of people in the square. 广场上有好多好多人.

It happens hundreds of times every day-and it could happen to you! 它发生了数百次,每天-它可能发生在你!You've seen it on television, or in the street, hundreds of times, thousands of times.你应该在电视上或是街上见过无数次了.When calling a function hundreds of times, how do I know which call failed? 当一个函数被调用数百次时,如何确定哪次调用失败了?

for hundreds of years 数百年来,这里的表示时间,某一特定的时间,在……时节,持续达

There is hundreds of people on the road.There is hundreds of fish in the sea.

There are hundreds of people at the park再看看别人怎么说的.

I have hundreds of coins. 我有成百上千的硬币

there are millions of stars in the sky.they have planted millions of trees in the past ten years.【俊狼猎英】团队为您解答.

four one hundreds of a second (0. 04 秒) 不知道你是不是这种,

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