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its doesnt matter


it doesn't matter whether.这是形式主语的句子,真正的主语从句是whether. ,主语从句只能用whether 引导,不能用if 的.

It doesn't matter what I want不必在乎我需要什么 It doesn't matter what I need不必在乎我渴望什么 It doesn't matter if I cry如果我哭了 别担心 Don't matter if I bleed即使伤心欲绝 别难过 You've been on a road因为 你已上路 Don't know where it goes

定语从句 原因如下 matter的中文意思是名词 问题 是先行词 这句话译为是对是错都没关系 望采纳

Stefanie Heinzmann---Diggin' In The Dirt

当别人问你你是否介意什么时就可以用这个回答.如 dou you mind if i open the door ?你就可以回答 it doesnt matter

你好!应该是carly rae jepsen的Good Time仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

Derenched 曲婉婷

Someone's watching over me Found myself today今天发现了自我Oh I found myself and ran away哦,我发现了自我并逃离Something pulled me back有件事把我绊住The voice of reason I forgot I had声音我忘记自己曾经的理由All I know is youre not

It Doesn't Matter To Me 歌手:DevoListen comrade I dont careHow long you want to grow your hairIt doesnt matter to meHey lady have you heard the news? You can burn your wig and burn your shoesIt doesnt matter to meBut theres something

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