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on a mission

你好,on a mission意思是:一项任务,一项使命等..加上I am就是我的使命或我的任务的意思..望您采纳..


歌曲名:Katy On A Mission歌手:Katy B专辑:On A MissionKaty On a MissionKaty BIn this room of darkness I ain't undercoverThat won't stop my prowess rubbing off on to anotherElevating higher as my body's moving lowerNow I've reached my

mission的意思很多 在这个句子中翻译成有任务的人

歌曲名:man on a mission 歌手:van halen 专辑:for unlawful carnal knowledge peter cincotti - man on a mission ringing phones wake you up pulling you away i forgot the end of the world was scheduled for today tell them you got things to do and

途观L广告的背景音乐是Oh The Larceny的【man on a mission】,国内搜不到,需要到国外网站musicbed下载.如果找不到或无法下载,可以追问我.

kids on a mission执行任务的儿童

8M左右 度盘链接 提取码:cs8p 满意记得采纳哟~

歌曲名:Man On A Mission (Live Version)歌手:Van Halen专辑:Van Halen Live: Right Here, Right NowPeter Cincotti - Man On A MissionRinging phones wake you upPulling you awayI forgot the end of the worldWas scheduled for todayTell them

歌曲名:Man On A Mission (Album Version) 歌手:Peter Cincotti 专辑:East Of Angel Town Peter Cincotti - Man On A Mission Ringing phones wake you up Pulling you away I forgot the end of the world Was scheduled for today Tell them you got

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