第一句:the girl over there that is my sister 第二句:the house over the road

一、介词over作“在……上方”、“在……上”(有覆盖、遮蔽之意)解:1. The sun shines over the earth. 太阳照耀与地球上.2. There is a bridge over the river. 河上有一座桥.3. The weight of the air over one square foot of the earth at sea level

all over the world,表示: 全世界; 举世; 普天之下; 例句:We have friends all over the world. 我们的朋友遍天下.The Beatles have copycats all over the world. 披头士乐队的模仿者遍布全世界.Electronic computers are now in common use all over the world. 电子计算机已在世界各地普遍使用.The sun shines all over the world. 阳光普照大地.

get over (使)渡过, (使)穿过 He got over while the traffic was stopped.车辆停下来时, 他过了马路.They got him over somehow.他们设法帮他过去.传送 He gets over well when he wants to.他想说什么, 都能表达自如.They got the play


Let's go over to see what is happening there.We have gone over all those new words.祝你开心如意!

over ['uv] prep. 1. 在…的上面;在…的上方;在…的上空: 例句: The helicopter is staying over our heads.那架直升机就在我们头顶的上方. 2. (在职位、权势等)高于,在…之上;对…起支配作用: 例句: state in relation to a country

闲逛,轻松地玩 e.let it all hang out.please help me hang these clothes out in the balcony.请帮我把这些衣服晾在阳台. 让这一切顺其自然. 3hang out 1.g i wanna hang out with bill after school. 2

The class is over. The game is over. The car is over there.

We had a nice talk over dinner 我们边吃边谈,谈得很好.talk over a cup of tea 一面喝茶,一面谈话.

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