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laugh at造句

1.因…而发笑 We laughed at his jokes.我们听了他的笑话都笑了.2.嘲笑, 取笑 Are you laughing at me?你在嘲笑我吗?No one laughed at her when she failed.当她失败时, 没人讥笑她.The foolish boy was laughed at wherever he went.这个愚

1.They would both laugh at you. 他们都会嘲2113笑你的.2.Perhaps people would laugh at you? 可能别人5261会嘲笑你吗?3.I won't laugh at his jokes. 他说笑话,我才不会笑.41024.We laugh at such jokes because the pattern change is

don't laugh at me.laughing at others is not right.

I'm happy. The happy girl is doing her shopping. Don'tyou feel happy. He often laughs at his classmates. His classmates are laughed by him. They are singing and laughing happily. Laughing at others is not polite. Don't laugh people who are disabaled. He came into the room, laughing hapily. 六种都不一样啊!?不对?

Lad :少年,小伙子.造句:when i was a lad his age i would laugh at the strangest things .翻译:我是他那样的小毛孩时,就会莫名其妙的发笑.

We shouldn't be laugh at the disable.we must fight against the bad people

laugh at s.b 嘲笑某人 be laughed at 某人被嘲笑(被动语态) I know you've been laughing at me .我知道你们在笑话我.Now, i've been laughed at for my notions, sir .咳,先生,我这些主张可受到过不少讥笑.They were laughing at his long beard

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题:. laugh at 嘲笑某人

stare at 凝视,盯住We stare at each other for a while. 我们彼此凝视了一会儿.

是:主谓宾+宾补he 【主语】made【谓语】 all of us【宾语】 laugh【宾补】

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