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lead to近义词

意思 :1. 把…带到, 领到2. (道路)通向3. 导致, 引起 同义词:advance, affect, assume, bring, call for, carry to, come to, comprise, conduce to, conduct to, contain, contribute to, decide, determine, direct to, entail, extend to, forward, get to, go to

cause result in trigger engender breed 这些词都是写作里很好的词汇.

lead to的用法如下:1、lead to sth 导致,造成,通向 例句:Eating too much sugar can lead to health problem.翻译:食用过多的糖会引起健康问题.2、lead sb to (sth) 使得出(观点),引导(某人) 例句:What led you to this conclusion?翻译

cause to

guide to [英][aid tu:] [美][ad tu] 简明释义引导…到…近义词lead to及物动词 vt. 引导;领(路)(具体意思看语境)

由于,beause of ,due to ,thanks to,result from.导致Lead to,contribute to

一般情况,lead to是导致不好的结果,to是不定式.lead to +do; 而bring on 中on为介词,则bring on+doing

spend time doing sth 花费时间做某事.固定搭配 lead in to = solve 解决的意思啊.leading in to = solving spend some time leading in to a question 就等于spend some time soloving a question

result from是“缘于”的意思,后面接的是原因,lead to是导致的意思,后面是结果.led to 是lead to 的过去式.祝学习愉快

第一个可以直译为:一些……其它的……例如:we have some books,the others have some pencils.当然还是放在句子里理解比较好些.第二个可译为:导致 或者 领某人到某地例如:That mistake lead to a fatal accident.James lead me to the hospital.

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