listen!lily is [singing ][sing] a song. 正在唱歌

1. is singing 2. doesn't watch 3. picked 4. close 5. doesn't rain 6. to meet 7. carry 8. to sit 9. waiting 10. meets


11.likes 12.gets 13.dislikes 14.make 15.listen 16.play 17.forget 18.get 19.have 20.talking 仅参考时态你最好检查一下

1.listen.The birds are _singing_(sing) 2.We are reading (read) books now 3.Look.The boys is swimming(swim) 4.My mother id doing (do) the dishes 5.Does your sister _read_(read) a book? 6.Can your mother _dance_(dance) and sing(sing)

用原形:listen don't 后面是用动词原形的. 如Don't do it!

is ringingis doingis ridingare flyingis sleepingare getting metwasdid dowentDid takedidn't

Listen!The girl in red__is singing______(sing). listen 表示现在进行时,后边句子用现在进行时啊

用listening的时候,就是动名词,listening to music 作表语 swimming,like doing sth &like to do sth 所以啦、、、

Listen!Some girls ( are singing ) in the classroom.

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