1、意思不同 (1)ethics(英 ['eθks] 美 ['θks]) n.道德规范;道德标准;伦理学 例句:It is a question of the relation of ethics to economics.这是一个伦理学和经济学的关系问题.(2)morality(英 [mrlti] 美 [mrlti]) n. 道德;


Both "morality" and "ethics" have the meaning of rules or standard for proper human conduct. A difference seems to be that "morality" also refers to the quality of a man being moral - "He's a man of morality." "Ethics" on the other

moral 主要是形容词,意思是:道德的;精神上的;品性端正的.morality是名词,意思是:道德;品行,美德.

是否写错了? 应该是ethic(没有字母'n') 和morality的区别吧? ethnic是『xin 仰』相关的,而morality - 道德.关于ethic和morality的区别,也就是ethic和moral的区别(morality是moral的标准和体系化).ethic和moral都涉及'对'和'错'的判

The term “morality” can be used either descriptively to refer to a code of conduct put forward by a society or, some other group, such as a religion, or accepted by an individual for her own behavior or normatively to refer to a code of conduct that,

morality1. 道德;(行为的)道德性2. 德行,品行,美德3. 伦理学4. 道德观;道德规范5. (道德上的)教训, 寓意;说教6. 有道德寓意的作品7. =morality playethics n. 伦理学;伦理观;道德标准 从上面得解释来看,表示道德的时候经常可以互换


moral [moral || 'mrl /'m-]n. 道德, 寓意, 品行morality [morality || m'rlt]n. 道德, 品行, 教训 ethic [ethic || 'eθk]n. 道德规范; 伦理

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