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more than造句简单

造句:1. She looks more beautiful than her elder sister.2. The old man walk much more slowly than his young son.

Mr Lee is more than a teacher. She is also our friend. 李先生不仅是一位老师,他也是我们的朋友.

1. He is more than 5 years old. 他超过5岁. The river is more than 3,000meteres.那条河有3,000多米.2.English weekly is more than a newspaper. 英语周报不仅仅是一份报纸 The teacher is more than my friend. 你老师不仅仅是我的朋友.3. I love

Our school has more than 300 students.我们学校有300多个学生.希望能帮到你.我等着你采纳哟,不明还可以追问的,嘻嘻!

你要表达的意思很清楚:在周末乘机度假通常是一周中最昂贵的.这种句子涉及到形容词的最高级的问题.正确形式:Trying to fly on weekend is always the most expensive in a week.如果要用“more than”,正确形式:Fly on weekend is always more expensive than on weekdays.

随便写的 I have more candies than you (do).我拥有比你更多的糖果.

I have more than enough food .The amount of money she have is more than you can imagine.

this computer's memory is two times more than the other one

He is more diligent than clever. 如果说他聪明不如说他睿智

I like chinese than math. 和数学比较起来我更喜欢语文.

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