help 的使用模式之一help (to ) do , to 可以省略, 任何时候均可省略.make 的用法之一,make sth / sb + adj , 使变得,使成为.make life more meaningful, 使生活更加有意义, more meaningful 是宾语life 的补足语

对……有意义,简单一点短语有:be meaningful to 或者make sense for.举个例子:这次的体验对我来说非常有意义.This experience is very meaningful to me.This experience does make sense for me.


a meaningful day 翻译为“有意义的一天” meaningful 英 ['minfl; -f()l] 美 ['minfl] adj. 有意义的;意味深长的 [网络短语] meaningful 有意义的,意味深长,有意思的 very meaningful 很有意义 meaningful drills 有意义操练,有意义的操练,有意义的练习

Information that doesn't make sense to you is difficult to remember.A medical team that was consisted of many doctors and nurses were sent to Sichuan to treat and aid quake victims. It is meaningful to know how to use these phrases.To our

①mean doing sth 意味着做某事 eg:Missing the train means waiting for an hour. 错过这趟火车,意味着再等一个小时.②mean to do sth意欲做某事(=want to do sth) ③ You are joking! 你是开玩笑吧! No,I mean it. 不,我是认真的.

significative make sense be of concern

1. There existed a certain doubt among the students as to the necessity of work直译:对工作的必要性,在学生中存在着一定程度的怀疑.意译:学生们对工作的必要性表示一定程度的怀疑.2. less important than ever is developing a meaningful

对有意义:be meaningful for


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