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no one造句简单

是啊 常用不定代词有: some(something,somebody,someone),any(anything,anybody,anyone), no(nothing,nobody,no one), every(everything,everybody,everyone,),all,each,both,much,many,(a)little,(a)few,other(s),another,none,one,either, neither等. 一般来讲,修饰不定代词的词要置于其后.

No one knows how he got the money.

nothing 1)指物;2)谓语用单数;3)一般用来回答含anything的一般问句及what引起的特殊问句.请看: 1)what is in the box? nothing. 2)is there anything in the sky? nothing. 3)can you see anything without glasses?

none/ no one/ neither(1) none既能指人,又能指物,意思是"没有一个,无一",常用作代词,与of连用.None of us has heard of him before.我们没有一个人以前听说过他.I like none of the coats. 那些外套我一件都不喜欢.none用作主语时,

No one can predict when it will happened 翻译:没有人可以预测到这件事什么时候发生

There is no one but hopes to be rich.没有人不想发财.There is no one but hopes rich.没有不想发财的人.There is no one but longs to go to college.人们都希望上大学.There is no one but likes good environment.没有人不喜欢优良的环境.There is no one but wishes to get somewhere.没有人不希望将来能有所成就.There is no one but is concerned about his future.没有人不关心自己的未来.

不一定是否定句,例如:No one here(没有人在这吗?)就是疑问句.陈述句中有no one就是否定句 希望我的回答对你有帮助望采纳O(∩_∩)O~~

区别1 none既可指人也可指物,常暗示一定范围,因此通常与表范围的of短语连用;而no one(=nobody)只能指人,不能与of短语连用.如:None of that money on the table is mine.桌上没有一分钱是我的.None of us enjoy getting up early.我们中

作主语 To be No.1 is a great dream.成为第一是个很伟大的理想. 作宾语 I want to be No.1 in the future.将来我想成为第一. 作表语 My dream is to be No.1.我的梦想是成为第一. 作状语 To be No.1 in the future,you must study hard.为了将来能成为第一,你必须努力学习. 作定语 His desire to be No.1 is unpractical.他想要成为第一的渴望是不切实际的.

We only have one hour. You know?要知道,我们只有一个小时哦.

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