some 后跟可数名词复数或不可数名词.concer t意为音乐会你能为下周的音乐会做些准备吗?故此处填写 preparations,准备.prepare的名词形式.

wall scone 墙斯昆 wall sconce 壁灯

As a result,there is concern about the possible PAHs contamination of humans. 结果,尼帕病毒可能感染人类引起人们的关注.


a pleasant home愉快的家; 令人愉快的家庭环境双语例句1Generally, such parents created a pleasant home governed by clear rules.一般来说,这样的家长创造出一个有规矩的、令人愉快的家庭环境.2If someone will ensconce them in a pleasant home and pay their bills, they ask no more of life.如果有人将蔽在他们的美好家园,并支付他们的账单,他们要求没有生命.


1 each pron.各,各自 a.各 2 eager a.渴望的,热切的 3 eagerly adv. 渴望地;热切地;急切地;热心地 4 eagerness n. 热心 5 eagle n.鹰 6 eaglet n. 小鹰 7 ear n.耳朵;听力,听觉 8 earl n. 伯爵 9 earldom n. 伯爵的身分 10 early adv.早 11 earmark

莎士比亚《无题》诗9首(4) 黄 新 渠 译 7 thin lips red, fancy's fed with all sweets when he meets, and is granted there to trade, and is made happy, sure, to endure still undaunted. pretty chin doth win of all (the world) commendations; fairest neck,

外国食物有哪些 = What are some of the food found overseas?hamburger汉堡包 hot dog 热狗 sausage香肠 cola可乐 milk牛奶 bread面包 cake蛋糕 fish鱼 beef牛肉

美国建筑师协会国家奖 美国建筑师协会国家建筑师事务所荣誉(1990)美国建筑师协会荣誉奖 杰克逊广场住宅,美国纽约市 (2011)美国建筑师协会荣誉奖 联合利华伦敦总部,英国伦敦 (2008)美国建筑师协会荣誉奖 《甘尼特/今日

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