The second is mineNow is how many seconds

second意为第二的,it is the second day这是第二天

second - 作为“第二”解释的话:i am the second child of my family.我是我们家的第二个孩子.in the second, it could help me improve my english.第二,这对我英语进步也有益.i got second in the test.我在考试里得了第二名.second - 作为“秒”解释 wait for a second.稍等一下 take it out after 30 seconds.三十秒后把它拿出来 i will be back in a second.我马上回来

every 基本词汇 英 ['evri] 美 ['evri] adj.每个;一切的;所有可能的;每隔;最大的 second 基本词汇 英 ['seknd] 美 ['seknd] n.片刻;秒

February is the second month of one year 二月是一年之中第二个月份

second to 是第二的意思


1.We plan to have a party on the second February in this month.There maybe someone has finished the work.Please use one word to make a description about the follow

there are a few students in the classroom.教室里有几个学生.

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